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Xavier Campos

Home Town: Mexico City
Years Riding: 12
Set Up: Board: Liquid Force PS3 133 w/ ’06 Transit Bindings. 80’
Line: LF Black Widow 80’ with Watson Handle
Favorite Pastime: Painting, Hanging out with my bros, eating good food and drinking good wine.
Years Coaching: 9
Career Highlights: 1st place in the 2004 “Modelo Light” Mexican National Championships, 5 years in the top 3 national spots, Have coached about 80% of Mexico’s top riders. Oh yeah, I graduated with honors from Medical School in 2004 (almost forgot about that!).
Tournaments: Are nonsense. 2 passes up and down in bad water, no soul riding in any of them, no chance for artistic expression.
How do you feel about coaching: Objectively, coaching to me is about developing a deep understanding of the moves, improving the capacity to analyze patterns (errors) and then enhancing communication skills in order to transmit what I’m thinking in ways that will help the student not only understand, but also be able to carry out whatever has been said or correct whatever mistake has been pointed out. Subjectively, coaching has been the best way to spread the love for a unique lifestyle and to interact with people of all ages that are also on that search. It is honestly one of the most rewarding activities I have ever engaged in.
Best Tip: “He who has the most fun always wins”
Favorite Super Hero: Gumby.
Favorite Band: Hard question. I love music. How about “last album you listened to?” that was, uh, ‘Often Lie´ by The Statistics (no Robb, It’s not Swandive!).
Favorite band to ride to: Dredg, IAM, The Killers, Salmonella Dub.
Best Trick: Tech-wise, probably a mute olé 540, or a melan back mobe, but my favorite moves are and will always be poked out grabs.
Favorite pair of underoos: Well, having to use them means I’m out of my boardshorts, so that can’t be good. Unless…
Favorite place to ride: “Bacalar” lagoon in the state of Campeche, aka the “7 colored lagoon”. The sickest spot to ride in the whole world, too bad it’s a 12 hour drive across the jungle from where I live…
Best Event Party: “Son Pax” music festival in 2002, on the Mayan Riviera. Speaking of wakeboarding events, probably the after party for the 2005 Tequesquitengo wakeboard tour stop. If anybody found my boardshorts, please give ‘em back!
Sponsors: Liquid Force, Black Fly’s, Casa Planas.  

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