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Scott Hussey

Home Town: Belfast, Maine / Deltona, Florida
Years Riding: 14 yrs Wakeboarding Pro, 26 yrs Waterskiing, 20 yrs Barefooting frontwards, 14 yrs Barefooting backwards and flipping air chairs.  I used to waterski professionally for Sea World so I had to know how to do it all!
Set Up: CWB: Absolute Platinum, Zues Bindings, Line Length 70-75 ft
Favorite Pastime: Spending time in Maine in the winter, snowmobiling and skiing. Other then that being on a boat is the most relaxing to me.
Years Coaching: 14
Career Highlights: Pro Tour Rider from 95-99, 1996 Mens #1 National Champion, X-Games Competitor 97-98. Several top 12 finishes during my pro tour career, highest place was 4th on tour.  Canadian Wakestock, 3rd Place.  Many more that I can't remember.
Tournaments: All Pro Tour stops, National and World Championships 95-98.  Boardstock, Shasta Lake 96-98. X-Games Competitor 97-98. Wakestock, Canada 97-98
How do you feel about coaching: Coaching is what I do.  Over the years I have trained many tournament riders who have then moved on to become the best riders in the world. Many are still your top Pro Riders of today.
Best tip: Always wear a coast guard approved vest, because it will save your life.  Never try a trick that's above your ability because you will get spanked.  Getting coached is the best thing you can do to get good quickly, without as many nasty falls and injuries.  Remember I have already taken thousands of nasty crashes for you!
Favorite Super Hero:  
Favorite Band: Greenday, Smashing Pumpkins, 311, and all old school metal
Favorite band to ride to: Sublime just sets the mood for me
Best Trick: More then 35 inverts, 11 full twisting mobes, and a TS wake 720
Favorite pair of underoos: Scooby Doos's, who doesn't want a Scooby snack!
Favorite place to ride: My home town lake in Skowhegan, Maine.  Other then that in my back yard in Deltona, Florida, where I get Florida butter all day, every day.
Best Event Party: I've been to them all and always enjoyed working for my sponsors
Sponsors: Global Boarding, as well as the Pro Bro program  

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