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Austin Langston

Home Town: White Lake, North Carolina
Years Riding: 13 Years wakeboarding; learned to 2 ski at 3 1/2; learned to barefoot at 7; learned to Slalom at 8; learned to trick at 13; started wakeboarding at 14.
Set Up: Board: CWB Absolute Platinum 135 Bindings: Zeus
Favorite Pastime: Riding out on the lake with friends, just having fun.
Years Coaching: 12
Career Highlights: 2005 Mens II World Champion, 2002 National Champion, US Pro Tour Competitor 1999-2001
Tournaments: I haven't had the chance to ride in many tournaments because I was graduating from college and now am mostly coaching. I try to ride a couple of local tournaments and then the nationals and worlds.
How do you feel about coaching: Coaching is great when I see people succeed in something that they are working on and when they are just riding to have fun.
Best Tip: Have fun and ride safe.
Favorite Super Hero: Robb Reid; the "super hobbit" He's thinks he's superman when he goes big off the triple-ups, but his Kryptonite is a boat load of hot girls.
Favorite Band: NOFX
Favorite band to ride to: Guns and Roses
Best Trick: switch 313; but favorite trick is just a big backside roll.
Favorite pair of underoos: Brooks Brothers
Favorite place to ride: White Lake and Wilmington, NC
Best Event Party: 2000 Nationals (Late.. Night... hmmm.)
Sponsors: Global Boarding, Surf & Offshore, CWB, Rip Curl, MasterCraft.  

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