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Robb Reid

Home Town: Sag Harbor, NY
Years Riding: 18 Wakeboarding, 31 Surfing
Set Up: Absolute Platinum 141 - Zeus
Favorite Pastime: Surfing and traveling
Years Coaching: 16 Wakeboarding/Surfing
Career Highlights:

Helping “triple up” movement and still holding one of the biggest triple ups (so they say?).  Most of all doing what I love to do and making a living out of it.

How do you feel about coaching: It’s what I enjoy the most, helping people progress in our sport.
Best Tip: “He who has the most fun always wins”
Favorite Super Hero: Gumby "SNL"
Favorite Band: Led Zepplin
Favorite band to ride to: Cypress Hill
Best Trick: Big Worm
Favorite pair of underoos: The Hulk
Favorite place to ride: Northwest Harbor, Long Island, NY
Best Event Party: Board Stock 98 (Shasta) Thanks to PJ & Kyle (ya man)
Sponsors: Mastercraft, Connelly, Bodyglove, Oakley, & my bank!  

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